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Welcome To PCW

Welcome to Pirates of the Cyber World. Here you will find all kinds of randomness. A lot of Machining, milling and turning. Recently we also started on a winter indoor plant growing project for Bhut Jolokia peppers and other vegetables such as green onion, green beans, lettuce and other pepper plants.

Whats new on the site?

  • HPI Savage X TVP's are done and DXF's are ready for download!!!

  • First Part Made with the New Mill -

  • ZX-45 CNC Mill PICS!!!
  • IRC CNC Chat Channel -
    SERVER: chat.freenode.net
    CHANNEL: #diycnc and #diylife

    Dont have an IRC client? Download mIRC here - http://www.mirc.com/get.html

    • Explanation of Tools...

    An explanation what tools are used for can be found here...

    My Garage

    I am confined to the space of a 1 car garage and need to make use of every bit of space I can. In the pictures below you can see I have fitted a:

    • Harbor Freight 7X10 Lathe
    • HF X2 CNC mill
    • Skil 5 speed bench top drill press
    • Lathemaster 9X30 Lathe
    • Airco MIG Lite 100 welder
    • Bench grinder
    • Base sander
    • Central Pneumatic 8gal Air compressor
    • Harbor Freight 4"X6" horizontal band saw
    • Skill 9" vertical band saw
    • Harbor Freight 20 Ton Shop Press
    • And currently in the process of converting a Bolton Hardware ZX-45 mill.

    And always trying to fit more.